January 22, 2024

Elevance Health All In On AI

Elevance Health CEO Gail Boudreaux gave a keynote speech that shows the second-largest insurer will be all in on AI. She wants her company to use the technology to make healthcare more proactive, predictive and personalized. She wants AI to help people navigate the system and simplify it.

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Physicians Want Rollback Of Medicare Cut As Well As New System

Not only do physicians want both a rollback of their payment cut, but also a brand new way of paying them in the Medicare traditional system. They are not wrong.  Each of the payment formulas has always been controversial and has led to an inability to calculate payments and last-minute rescues by lawmakers.

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Canada Ramping Up To Stop U.S. Importation

Despite visits by U.S. officials, Canada seems intent on safeguarding their drug supply in the wake of the approval for Florida to import drugs on a wholesale basis.  Seven states want to do so and Canada is among the countries that can guarantee safety.  It increasingly appears that importation will be very problematic and importation at best a minor solution to high drug prices.

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Kaiser Analysis Of Coming State Budget Battles On Healthcare

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has published a good article on coming battles in state budgets on healthcare.  As a former state budget director, I know that revenue downturns tend to lag the initial downturn on the economy.  States overall have been blessed with strong revenues due to COVID and other extraordinary funding.  But the honeymoon is over.  Revenues appear to be flat or lower in the future.  The enhanced Medicaid reimbursement and COVID funding is drying up.  While Medicaid rolls will go down due to redeterminations, the amount of state dollars for Medicaid will increase. This will lead to many states cutting back in healthcare and social services areas.

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Children Lose Medicaid As Child Poverty Grows

A Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) finds children are losing Medicaid eligibility just as child poverty is growing. 

Press release here: https://www.kff.org/medicaid/press-release/more-children-are-losing-medicaid-coverage-as-child-poverty-grows/

At the same time, another analysis shows minority children get poorer healthcare: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/minority-children-us-get-poorer-healthcare-analysis-finds-2024-01-17/ and https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-01-17/black-latino-children-receive-worse-health-care

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— Marc S. Ryan

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