Time to Demystify the U.S. Healthcare System

The American healthcare system is a labyrinth.

Millions of Americans feel confused and frustrated in their search for quality healthcare coverage. Between out-of-control costs, countless inefficiencies, a lack of affordable universal access, and little focus on wellness and prevention, the system is clearly in dire need of change.

With decades of experience as a healthcare software technology leader and health plan executive, Marc S. Ryan is dedicated to demystifying the American healthcare system and how to fix it. Through his book, The Healthcare Labyrinth: A Guide to Navigating Health Plans and Fixing American Health Insurance, as well as his podcast, blog, and newsfeed, Marc seeks to help Americans become wiser consumers and navigate the healthcare maze with more confidence and certainty.

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The Healthcare Labyrinth: Available Now

Not just a comprehensive guide to navigating health plans, The Healthcare Labyrinth offers a blueprint for fixing our broken healthcare system.

America’s healthcare system is undeniably unique. It is the only predominantly employer-based healthcare system in the developed world and, as a result, a patchwork system has emerged that suffers from three major issues:

      • Price: Due to out-of-control prices, we spend more on healthcare than any other developed nation, yet America’s overall healthcare outcomes and results are among the worst.

      • Lack of prevention focus: An obsession with utilization management instead of care management, wellness, and prevention.

      • Gaps in coverage: A lack of commitment to affordable universal access, which could save money and improve quality if implemented correctly.

    The Healthcare Labyrinth illustrates all the issues confronting America’s healthcare system and what we can do about it. Readers will learn how to navigate our current system and gain insight into the future of care. They’ll also discover how we can build affordable, universal access to quality healthcare for all Americans, reduce costs, and right the healthcare ship of state.

    Marc S. Ryan

    Marc S. Ryan is an accomplished healthcare software technology leader and former health plan executive. He has served in numerous executive-level policy, regulatory, compliance, business development, and operations roles at health plans. He currently serves as Chief Solutions Officer for a value-based care (VBC) data analytics software firm.

    Marc is the author of the book The Healthcare Labyrinth: A Guide to Navigating Health Plans and Fixing American Health Insurance. He is also a blogger and podcast host on healthcare issues.

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