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Welcome and thanks for coming to the website and reading my blog.  Some of you may know me from MHK and the Strategic Insights Blog.  I have established my own independent healthcare website and will have a newsfeed, blog and podcast.  You can read more about me on this website. 

While I am a Republican, I can be characterized as an unconventional one on healthcare. While I am a fiscal conservative, I believe in prudent investments in healthcare as it ultimately will save dollars and improve quality.  I believe we need to remake healthcare and have identified three key aspects to reform – conquer price/cost; pivot to wellness, prevention and care management; and ensure affordable access to healthcare for all.  I am a believer in reasonable government regulation, but in a private delivery system as this will ensure innovation along the way.

Today, November 13, is the premiere of the blog.  The newsfeed is already up and the podcast will premiere over the next few weeks. As I did before, the blog will focus on general healthcare topics but also the specifics of healthcare regulation/compliance and health plan news.  As you will see below, I have written a rather lengthy blog on the 2024 and 2025 Medicare Advantage rules from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

I hope to publish a blog twice weekly – one of a longer length and one shorter. Some of the topics will have been covered in the newsfeed, while others may not. 

I hope you enjoy The Healthcare Labyrinth Blog!

— Marc S. Ryan

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