May 29, 2024

Clover Health Unveils Clover Assistant As SaaS Offering Congratulations to Clover Health by unveiling its Clover Assistant as a SaaS technology offering. Clover Assistant, now marketed as Counterpart Assistant, is available to Medicare Advantage (MA) payers and providers to improve outcomes and close care gaps. Additional article: (Some articles may require a subscription.) #medicareadvantage #clover #healthplans #providers New 340B Reform Bill Would Attempt To Return Program To Original Intent A new House Republican Bill would create major reforms to the 340B program.  Hospitals of course are panning the proposal.  But more and more studies show that hospitals are abusing the program by claiming discounts and then massively marking up drugs anyway.  It is driving costs for inpatient care dramatically for individuals, especially those with cancer. The program was intended to ensure access to those with low incomes. #340b #hospitals AI Promotion and Regulation On Capitol Hill Docket

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