9. Is Medicare Advantage Collapsing After Its Boom Or Simply Adjusting

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On this episode of the Healthcare Labyrinth Podcast, Marc explains the context behind the recent bad financial news and decline in stock values for those insurers in Medicare Advantage.

Marc talks about the status of Medicare Advantage amid payment uncertainty, risk adjustment challenges, and new regulatory requirements.

Marc agrees that Medicare Advantage plans will need to reprice benefits and contract geographies at least in the short term.

Listen in to learn why the Medicare Advantage boom is over and what will happen in the MA industry.

Key Takeaways  

Medicare Advantage is in store for more rate uncertainty and risk adjustment formula changes

Some plans struggle with Star ratings, which means additional revenue issues.

Medical Utilization is increasing in Medicare Advantage due to utilization returning to normal and new prior authorization changes.

Bruce Broussard, CEO of Humana, predicted an entire industry repricing. 

Medicare Advantage will adjust, but continue since it is preferred over the traditional Medicare system.

Publicly traded plans may pull back on benefits to satisfy the investor demand for stronger margins.

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