26. Election ’24 is close for the presidency and control of Congress. Will healthcare play a role?

As with the past two presidential elections, Election 2024 appears to be very close in terms of the presidency and control of Congress.  Healthcare could still play a role in some of the counties, districts, and states that will decide the overall outcome.

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About The Episode:

On this episode, Marc provides an update on the close race for president and tight races in the House and Senate for control of Congress. He believes that healthcare issues could very well play a role in Election 2024’s outcome. Voters in all parties care about healthcare coverage. In swing counties, districts, and states, this could help decide many of the races. 

Key Takeaways:  

As with 2016 and 2020, Election 2024 is once again very close.

The presidential popular vote right now is razor-thin. There are numerous toss-up states in terms of the Electoral College outcome.

The presidential race again will come down to whoever wins a small number of states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The GOP looks better able to capture the Senate given how many Democratic seats are up, but Democrats are still formidable.

About 90% of House seats are not competitive.  That leaves about 50 seats in question. There is a slight edge for Republicans, but many toss-up seats are in deep Blue states.

Polls show healthcare issues to be lower than many issues, especially immigration and the economy. But healthcare is part of the economic issues.  What’s more, voters of all parties favor wide coverage and like the status quo.

President Biden clearly has the edge on healthcare issues and is bringing this advantage to the campaign.

Much can change before November.  Will healthcare be a sleeper issue and help decide Election 2024?

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