2. World Healthcare System Types and How America Fits In

Millions of Americans feel confused and frustrated in their search for quality healthcare coverage.

Between out-of-control costs, countless inefficiencies, a lack of affordable universal access, and little focus on wellness and prevention, the system is clearly in dire need of change.

Hosted by healthcare policy and technology expert Marc S. Ryan, the Healthcare Labyrinth Podcast offers accessible, incisive deep dives on the most pressing issues and events in American healthcare.

Marc seeks to help Americans become wiser consumers and navigate the healthcare maze with more confidence and certainty through the Healthcare Labyrinth website.

Marc is an unconventional Republican who believes that affordable universal access is a wise and prudent investment. He recommends common-sense solutions to reform American healthcare.

Tune in every week as Marc examines the latest developments in the space, offering analysis, insights, and predictions on the changing state of healthcare in America.

On this episode of the Healthcare Labyrinth Podcast, Marc talks about future topics of the Healthcare Labyrinth website, inspired by his book: The Healthcare Labyrinth: A Guide to Navigating Health Plans and Fixing American Health Insurance.

Marc shares his decades of experience working with initiatives pushing a cost effective and universal approach to healthcare.

Listen in to get a glimpse of the primary goals and discussions the Healthcare Labyrinth dives into weekly!

Key Takeaways  

Latest press about the healthcare systems in Europe

The origins of the healthcare system in the UK 

How countries finance the three main healthcare systems across the world

The reason the US did not adopt one of the three main healthcare systems 

The origins of employer healthcare and the influence on the overall healthcare system

How the US allocates funds in regards to the healthcare system

How the outcomes of the US healthcare system ranks compared to countries around the world 

Three pillars to address that lead to healthcare reform in America

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