16. Biden goes on the offensive on healthcare issues, but what about entitlement reform?

About The Podcast:

Millions of Americans feel confused and frustrated in their search for quality healthcare coverage.

Between out-of-control costs, countless inefficiencies, a lack of affordable universal access, and little focus on wellness and prevention, the system is clearly in dire need of change.

Hosted by healthcare policy and technology expert Marc S. Ryan, the Healthcare Labyrinth Podcast offers accessible, incisive deep dives on the most pressing issues and events in American healthcare.

Marc seeks to help Americans become wiser consumers and navigate the healthcare maze with more confidence and certainty through the Healthcare Labyrinth website and his book of the same name.

Marc is an unconventional Republican who believes that affordable universal access is a wise and prudent investment. He recommends common-sense solutions to reform American healthcare.

Tune in every week as Marc examines the latest developments in the space, offering analysis, insights, and predictions on the changing state of healthcare in America.

About The Episode:

On this episode of the Healthcare Labyrinth Podcast, Marc discusses how Joe Biden is becoming aggressive on healthcare issues to attract swing, moderate voters. But neither presidential candidate has proposed anything to deal with our entitlement programs, which are on the verge of collapse.

Listen in to learn more on Biden’s proposals, the fact that there are no entitlement reform ideas on Capitol Hill, and what Marc would do in Medicare and Medicaid.

Key Takeaways:  

Marc discusses the healthcare issues Biden has prioritized since he took office.

He next discusses what Biden proposed in his State of the Union address and his federal fiscal year 2025 budget.

Biden wants to expand Medicare drug price negotiations and bring some price reductions and cost-sharing savings to the commercial and employer world.

Biden also wants to make Exchange premium subsidy enhancements permanent, solve the coverage gap for millions, and further expand Medicaid and children’s health eligibility.

Trump has not made healthcare issues a priority. He has proposed repealing the Affordable Care Act but has not proposed a detailed alternative.

Neither candidate has proposed substantive reforms to stabilize Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid to ensure it is here for the long term. This is a dereliction of duty by everyone in the political circles of D.C.

Marc outlines his solutions for Medicare and Medicaid.

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