March 8, 2024

Biden SOTU Address Fiery And With Major Expansion Requests President Joe Biden gave a fiery campaign speech at the State of the Union Thursday.  He touched on policy changes he wants to see across government and society.  In the healthcare world, he asked for significant additions to what he thinks is his successful record: Additional articles: and and (Some articles may require a subscription.) #biden #sotu #healthcare #healthcarereform #aca #obamacare #exchanges #drugpricing #ira #coveragegap #insulin Link to Article Change Healthcare May Need Until Mid-March To Fully Restore All Services While some services have been restored, Change Healthcare says all services may not be restored until mid-March.  Meanwhile, class-action lawsuits are beginning to be contemplated.  Major parts of health plan and provider services have been impacted. Additional articles: and (Some articles may need a subscription.) #changehealthcare #cybertattacks Link to Article Sanders Asks Other Drug Makers To

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