November 14, 2023

Health Tech Still Growing Despite some notable failures in the health tech world and tightness in equity markets, deals and mergers continue. Two notable examples in this article. #digitalhealth #healthtech Link to Article Kaiser Sees Deep Drop in Star Scores Kaiser Permanente saw deep drops in its Medicare Advantage Star scores for 2024, with four of its seven plans losing out on bonus payments (dropped below 4 Star). The CMO of Kaiser discusses this in the article below. Plans big and small suffered the past two years (2023 and 2024 Star Years). While achieving and maintaining high scores has always been a challenge, that a strong integrated system’s plans was a victim speaks volumes. You could always count on most Kaiser plans to be 5 Stars. Weighting, statistical changes, and new complex measures are catching plans by surprise. Based on the Stars road map, this will continue. Plans need data-driven

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