Time to Demystify the U.S. Healthcare System

The Healthcare Labyrinth: Available Now

Not just a comprehensive guide to navigating health plans— The Healthcare Labyrinth offers a blueprint for fixing our broken healthcare system.

America’s healthcare system is undeniably unique. It is the only predominantly employer-based healthcare system in the developed world and, as a result, a patchwork system has emerged. Despite spending more on healthcare than any other developed nation, America’s overall healthcare outcomes and results are among the worst.

It’s imperative that we build a consensus that affordable, universal access to healthcare is a worthy pursuit. Along with pricing reform and pursuing prevention and care management, ensuring that quality healthcare is available to all Americans is a critical solution to righting the healthcare ship of state. Marc recommends common-sense solutions to reform healthcare.

Health plan and healthcare technology veteran Marc S. Ryan seeks to demystify the U.S. healthcare system, helping Americans become wiser consumers and allowing them to navigate the maze with more confidence and certainty.

Marc S. Ryan

Marc S. Ryan is President of MHK, a fast-growing healthcare software technology firm. Marc was one of MHK’s first executives after its founding in 2010 and previously served as Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining MHK, Marc has served in numerous executive-level policy, regulatory, compliance, business development, and operations roles at health plans. He has launched Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and Exchange Marketplace plans.

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